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game guides 15 April 16

Blackjack Side Bets Explained

In a casino it's rare to see a Blackjack table that just has straight blackjack anymore. Although its perfectly acceptable to completely ignore the sidebets and just play plain old black, it's interesting to see what's on offer.  Since there are side bets your are still required to place a ...
game guides 24 November 15

What is Card Counting?

We've all heard of card reading or card counting right? It's featured in most of the films which feature casinos, and card playing. It's even the premise of some films entirely. It's also a well known technique for winning card games such as
Stories 21 November 15

Crazy Gambling Wins (Part 1)

Everyone loves winning. People don't tend to go to Casinos to lose their money, they go to make more of it, and have a good time. This is as true of the online casino world as it is of the real casino world. But what are some of the craziest and largest gambling win...
game guides 16 November 15

Winning Roulette - Winning Odds (Part 2)

It should be noted that these are perfectly legal ways to try and win over a casino into the game of roulette. Although with any methods, exercise with caution, and be gamble aware.
game guides 12 November 15

Winning Roulette (Part 1)

Like all gambling games, the game of roulette is down to odds and probabilities, and again like all gambling games, it's better to know how much you can expect to win to get the most out...
Stories 06 November 15

Could You Live in a Casino?

Odd question you might ask? Well, yeah it's odd. But this is the world of Casinos we're talking about. Forget the drab 9-5 routine, forget those things you need to do. Live! And whilst you're there LIVE in a casino!... Right?Well, it's not e...

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