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We will display advertising links to online casino providers. The advertisers that we will display will be at our discretion as will the order at which we display them.

At all times we will strive to ensure the honesty and integrity of these advertisers but, as mentioned above, we cannot be held responsible for any results that occur once you have clicked an advertisement. If you feel that an advertiser that our website is showing should be investigated please contact us.

We may receive payment from the providers of our adverts. This could come in the form of payments per click or on a results basis of a new signed up member or a specific amount spent/deposited. This is not an exclusive list of how we may receive payment.

Our website contains reviews from members of the public. These reviews are vetted and will be removed if they are seen to contain unsuitable language. This could include, but is not exclusive to, swearing, racism, homophobic comments or fraudulent or suspect reviews. Our aim is to provide a clear and fair review system.

We cannot be held responsible for any financial losses/gains you make from playing online casinos via our advertisers. If you feel that gambling is becoming a problem then you should stop playing and seek help. Please see for more information.

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The only information we will collect, and store, is your e-mail address, chosen password and mobile telephone number should you wish to provide it to us. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office: ZA125196

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